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17 Week Pregnancy Update - Cramping & A Reprieve From Hyperemesis Gravidarum!

17 Week Pregnancy Update - Cramping & A Reprieve From Hyperemesis Gravidarum!

Goodness have I been looking forward to a break from the wonderful (not.) Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Not only because it really has been wearing me out, or because I really do love my food and I hate seeing it in the toilet bowl - but because.. I can't say nor spell it without wincing. Its been shortened to 'HG' so many times, and that causes problems of its own when describing to people how unwell I've actually been.

It might come back. I've already been warned about that.
The thought of revisiting that phase of pregnancy doesn't fill me with joy. This week however, has been wonderful - no sickness, and very mild cramping in my abdomen. My body is getting used to carrying around something that's growing incredibly quickly at the moment so I did expect some cramping to go along with - and as I said, its very mild.
One thing I have noticed this week, is my dreams. Very vivid, very... Bizarre, and I remember them when I get up which I never used to. I've had dreams where I live in a tree house in the jungle, with a catlike creature which had a tail it could wrap around trees - we had a wonderful life, cat-creature and I, until a black goblin wearing a skull on its head chased us (around the tree house) one day. Or last night - I was taking pictures of a museum, on a remote island with a class of children I've never met. But I was also looking at house prices on this island, and calling Estate Agents. My mind even came up with the Estate Agents!
I can't even share the most bizarre ones online, I'm afraid I may be taken away and you'd never read here again.
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She & Life

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On Losing My Way In The Blogging World..

On Losing My Way In The Blogging World..

I lost my way when it comes to blogging. I'm not afraid to admit that right now. When I discovered I had lost my job a few months ago - merely weeks after announcing my pregnancy - I panicked and immediately began cultivating sponsored opportunities to help us cope with the potential damaging loss of my wages.
I went for job interview after job interview - each of them coming back negatively. In fact, one job kept me waiting over a week for a letter in the post telling me I hadn't been successful after telling me they'd be in touch over 5 days earlier by phone. Everything felt a little bleak. I was finishing my contract at a job I adored with no way of staying, and getting doors closed in my face each and every time that I tried to claw my way out of the hole. I remember speaking with a colleague and reminding myself "when one door closes, another opens - when it doesn't, it isn't your door".

Even Pinterest worthy quotes weren't helping me, really. Every day was a chore, having to smile for people (my friends, who weren't to blame for anything so I couldn't begrudge them a smile) and keep on chipping away at the wall of unemployment facing me.

Last week, I managed to secure something. I can't explain the relief, the pure unadulterated relief that I felt - not just for me, but for Mike and our little one too. Because of that, I felt I could sit back and study the opportunities hitting my inbox from a different perspective - I didn't have to take that post, if I didn't need to.. We were going to be okay. I don't have to look at the payback I was going to get, over the actual relevance of the post anymore.

I do apologise for the last few months, and I want to reassure you that I may have wandered off of the blogging path - but my feet are firmly planted back on the path for the right reasons now, and this blog will begin to blossom once more.

Thank you for your patience,

Tilly xo
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Must-See London Locations For The Perfect Date Night

Must-See London Locations For The Perfect Date Night

London is a great place to spend your date night, because there is so much to see and do in all a relatively small space. So whether you are choosing to spend just the evening, or you are on a longer couples break, keep reading for some phenomenal suggestions on what to do.

See a show

One of the most popular destinations for visitors to the big smoke is the West End. This is because it’s London’s theater district, and it's there that you can find all of the famous big name shows that are on.

Of course, a great deal of these are all singing, all dancing, musical productions often based on famous people like Michael Jackson, or Carol King. Or on favourite films like The Lion King and Wicked (based on the wizard of Oz).

Although you can also find some more serious products running in this area including the scary Woman in Black running at the Fortune Theatre, or The Kite Runner at the Playhouse Theatre.

Remember too that if cost is a concern booking online on the same day as the performance can save you as much as half the ticket price. Leaving you cash left over for other fun activities.

Get scared

What is more perfect for a date night than going to an attraction that gets you a little anxious? Then you can reach out to your other half for support and hug, and they can prove how brave they are by helping you out?

With this in mind, why not do a ghost walk at night, or even take a trip on The Ghost Bus? Where you can sit cuddled up together while you hear about all the gruesome and scary things that have occurred along your route.

Sing your heart out

However, if you and you the half would prefer to get you kicks in a less spine tingling way, why try somewhere like Bunga Bunga as they offer karaoke in Covent Garden instead? There you can sing your heart out. But not to a pre-recorded backing track, but as the frontman of an actual band!

You can also grab a delicious bite to eat, and a few cocktails to give you the Dutch (Italian?) courage you need to get up on stage.

Rock out at a gig

If you and your partner fancy reliving a little of your youth on your date, why not get tickets for a gig? There are plenty of to choose from all over London, such as the Smyths Tribute band tour. Or you could go for something a bit more up to date such as the Lana del Rey gig in Brixton in July?

Experience al fresco theater

If it's something a little more cultural, but still fun you are after why not attend a play at the open air Globe theater in Southwark? There you will find a selection of Shakespeare's works such as Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing on offer. As well as some non-Shakespearian offerings such as Boudica.

You can even attend a midnight matinee, and sit out under the stars with your loved one. What could be more romantic than that?
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She & Life

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Five Things To Not Scrimp On When You Have A Family

Five Things To Not Scrimp On When You Have A Family

Having a family is really expensive. It’s thought that a typical family spends £230,000 raising just one child to the age of twenty-one. Now that it is common place for children to stay in the parental home much longer, that cost could continue to soar. The costs include food, clothes and toys. Further and higher education can cause the figure to increase too. But there are many other costs we don’t think about in family life, that we really can’t afford to cut back on:

Life Insurance

When you have a mortgage, you should take out life insurance. How much insurance you take out is up to you. Typically, couples make sure the mortgage is paid off should one of the partners pass away. However, you should consider adding on the value of the missing salary, and all the other debts you have. Even extra childcare should be factored in so the remaining partner can continue working. It all adds up.

Health Insurance

Just as it is important for you to consider insuring your life for when you are not here, you also need to consider taking better care of yourself while you are around. After all, we would prefer to be here than not, especially with our families. So it’s important that you consider getting some health insurance as well. You can get health plans from under £2.00 a week which in the grand scheme of things could go a long way to helping you through any health problems. Covering costs of some of the other smaller things like optical and dental health.

Annual Leave

In these times when at least one partner is scraping a living through part-time or self-employed work, holidays can be difficult to take. Basically, if you don’t work, you don’t earn. But kids tend to remember those times when you are all together taking quality holidays that are fun. Book block leave, whatever you do for a living, and enjoy some quality time together as a family. Make some lifelong memories and have some fun!


Lead by example when it comes to keeping active. If your kids see that you will still head to that gym class or go for that walk whatever the weather, they will pick up good habits for life too. Even when you are tired and busy, make time to give your body what it needs. Fresh air and exercise are essential for maintaining your fitness and health. Keep up with your kids by making time to look after your body.

Maintaining Your Home

As a homeowner, it is down to you to keep the property safe and in good order. With a family to keep warm and dry, don’t scrimp on essential repairs or maintenance. Doing it yourself can save a fortune but getting it done right can save you from disaster down the line.

We’re all looking to save on the costs of life these days. But there are some things you really can’t scrimp on. Take care of your family and yourself.
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She & Life

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