All wrapped up for a walk in the snow!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This weekend I decided to venture out into the wilds and have some fun in the snow - its my favourite weather to the dismay of my nearest and dearest. I took someone elses dog with me (naturally) as I miss walking a four legged pal and this fellow loves the snow when he's wrapped up in a jacket. His name is Toby, and he's a Jack Russell I met when I first held Otis in my arms - so its emotional, but he's a lovely little guy.

It was a weird walk because the rain had lashed down before the snow, so things were already pretty saturated - meaning the trees were actually frozen. Each covered in a thin layer of ice like some sort of barrier.

Thanks to the half price sale at F&F I managed to snag my cosy scarf and hat for the princely sum of £9.50, for both. The checked scarf I adore as its really long and it can wrap a number of times - plus it comes with holes in so you can simply knot it easily for a casual look like I did above. The hat.. Well, the fur trapper hat is obnoxiously big and furry. It gets comments all of the time, from my co-workers who stroke my hat as they walk by to the free city bus driver who wanted one for himself.
I did get distracted on the F&F website, and both me and my Mother ended up with a Universal Studios Minion Scarf and Hood each. I'm a Minion enthusiast, and I don't care how you judge me! They cheer my day right up, and in fairness, anything that makes me laugh out loud is welcome in my world!

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