Valley Gardens, Harrogate.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

On a wet and grim Sunday afternoon I was whisked to Valley Gardens in Harrogate..

As you can see, the weather wasn't on my side. That said, the gardens did have a lot of people visiting even though the pathways were torrents of water in some spots. I can only imagine how busy it gets in summer!

As you can see by the map I have provided, the gardens are hidden away in the centre of Harrogate. In fact, if I hadn't have been myself, I would never have believed a pocket of greenery like this was even there! Marked with a !

What lovely park in the center of Harrogate would be complete without a quaint little coffee shop? This is a really lovely building and was really busy when I walked by, but as you can see - the rivers of rain running by made sure everyone wanted to warm up with a mug of coffee.

When I stumbled into the old Pump Room, I didn't quite anticipate what I got. There was a wonderful group of people inside, who immediately told me a lot of the local history surrounding the newly refurbished Pump Room and the old capped off springs nearby. I read the leaflet when I got back home, and I give a huge thank you to the Friends of Valley Gardens for making me feel so welcome and allowing myself and my fiancé to take some photographs.

I do apologise for the lack of photography to go with this post - the rain was really quite bad that day and I didn't want the camera getting too wet. The pictures you see are taken via a number of means, including me holding a scarf up as a temporary shelter for my fiancé to take the photo!


  1. Wow, beautiful photos & scenery!! Kind of a nice atmosphere on a rainy day. :)
    Sally x

    1. I have to admit, its absolutely stunning even with the rain we had. The people were incredibly friendly too, I really do urge you to go for a visit!


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