A light lunch at 1875, Bradford.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

As it was my last formal day teaching with the group I have cultivated for a few years now, they surprised me with a trip out to a shiny new venue in Bradford. 1875 is situated on Ivegate, and the building that it resides in used to be an old rock/heavy metal club called Gasworks. The Gasworks was a black-on-black-on-black affair with boarded up windows and a scary exterior, so I was more than a little bit curious as to what the owner of 1875 had done with the place.
For those that aren't familiar with Bradford, here is where you can find 1875 at the -

(I did add 1875 onto Google Maps, but it may take a little while to add! If you look for 18 Ivegate, you can find the restaurant/bar there, even if you find yourself wandering down Ivegate in search of it - it stands out with the pretty frontage!)

The frontage on its own is a huge success - the red and white paintwork really is the biggest change to Ivegate - I did try scour Google for a picture of how the front looked previously but alas, I can't seem to find one. Its a welcome pop of colour to a rather neglected street of Bradford. I love Ivegate because it has pretty much all of the charity shops on it, but even I have to admit it isn't the most attractive areas in the city.

My flash misbehaved on this snap, but I wanted to keep it in to really show what changes have happened inside. I had a chat with the owner and he did mention that even the inside was following the black-on-black-on-black theme - what a difference this must be. The restaurant isn't quite finished - there are still on-going bits and pieces here and there but even so, the overall feel of the place is light and airy.

I also fell in love with these great big industrial looking light fittings. How amazing do they look? These line the bar area, which paired with the pallet-décor you see below, gives the whole place an edgy, modern feel.

As well as the large airy dining area you saw a few snaps above, you can see they also provide more private areas like these cosy booths. Great for when you feel like tucking yourself away for the evening with a bottle of house wine! (Again, I swooned over these light fittings - I approve of all lighting choices the designers of this space made!)

The bar area is modern, with the pallet-wire décor mentioned before. I really liked the spacious feel of the bar, it sits in the centre of the room and it makes a statement. The bar is stocked with every type of drink you could possibly feel like, from Grey Goose to the house wines - and as you can see, they serve Indian street food at the moment with ambitions to expand their menu.

We actually took advantage of an offer in the Bradford Review paper. If you manage to track down a paper, you can find a voucher inside which encourages you to pay a visit to 1875 between certain hours of the day when you can order a drink and get a free 12" chicken or vegetarian wrap. Its a wonderful lunchtime pick me up, and the staff are incredibly attentive and friendly - we had a pretty demanding group and despite requiring gluten free options and changes to orders, they were so accommodating and I can't thank them enough. I opted for a chicken wrap, which was light enough to feel like a healthy lunch but in such an establishment you felt it was a real treat.

I'm really happy with the send-off I received, and the venue only made that better. I won't get to see 1875 blossom into the bustling venue it is destined to become as I'll be over the Pennines in Newton-le-Willows, but when I come back to visit I'll be sure to pop in. It really does make a refreshing change to have a fresh, new venue in the bottom end of town - we have a bustling, wonderful set of bars and restaurants up on North Parade so its only fair they share it with the bottom of town too!

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