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Saturday, February 13, 2016

As I recently restarted blogging, I've vowed to be more organised and really work on keeping a structure around the blog instead of it being so spontaneous. Because of this, unless something really urgent comes up or distracts me I generally post once every two days. Obviously, that may change during summertime or during the move - but I really hope to keep up to a posting schedule which is manageable to me.
On my first week back, I saw that the blogger behind had developed a blogging planner. I was intrigued. I already have an illicit love of planners, so when I was able to purchase one from her Etsy store I did.

I'm going to be featuring it a lot more on here as I tackle the pages and sections as a blogging newbie, but my first impressions are really good. The planner comes with a plastic front cover so that it is a little more durable, and the pages themselves are glossy and well presented. A lot of work has gone into it and it really does show - I'm happily filling out my February plans, and I hope to share those with you at the end of February to really see how useful (to me) the planner system is. Wish me luck!

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a blog planner and i love TeaPartyBeautys website. I'll need to check this out.

    Elaine -

    1. I didn't think I'd get on with it as much as I actually have - I plan on doing a month-by-month sharing of how I've used it so keep an eye out for those to see what I think!


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