Hewenden Viaduct, West Yorkshire.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Obviously it is no secret I'll be leaving the beautiful land of Yorkshire behind me in the coming weeks - much to my hearts dismay. I'm going through a lot of my photographs at the moment and really collecting memories so I can look back on them and remember my green, pretty county. These photographs are taken from Hewenden Viaduct, a place that really has been close to my heart over the years.

Hewenden is just outside of Bradford, bordering on the beautiful wilds surrounding Haworth. Saltaire and Otley are both within a reasonable driving distance - and there are a number of guest houses available if you want to take your time around the area.

The walks are really well kept here,and signposted so you can follow them without worrying too much. The scouts had done some sort of work in the area when I had a wander around and they had lots of casual, fun trails to follow. There are a number of harder trails too, with a few going a little cross country!

The fact it has a farmland setting makes it even more 'Yorkshire' to me. There are a low of dog owners who use this area - but most of the dogs are quite friendly and amicable off the lead. Any that aren't, are generally on lead and the owners have a wide area to give you room if they feel its needed.

The view from atop the viaduct is really something! It made my stomach flip just looking over the side, especially because I'm a little on the short side and had to clamber up the wall and stand on my tip toes when I had a foothold!

If you care to visit Hewenden yourself, I have marked its location on the map below with a so you can plan your visit. It really is worth it, for the views alone!

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