New Job, New Home, New Plans.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Obviously, the end of December/start of January was incredibly hard for a number of reasons - I'm not going into detail with surrounding my relationship and housing situation. It was hard, and I spent a lot of time crying and lamenting things I had loved and lost - but coming into February I can say things have really improved.
Firstly, I've secured a new job - more money, less hours, school holidays off so I can take my blog more seriously. I love my current job, and it breaks my heart to say goodbye, but this opportunity is one I can't just ignore. Due to the nature of my job I can't really expand on this more, but the biggest factor of change involved is that the job itself is closer to Manchester than it is to Bradford.
That means I'll be saying goodbye to the gritty city of Bradford and journeying over the Pennines to settle in a commuter town near Warrington. I'm excited, and terrified in equal measure to be honest. Moving to a new town, away from friends and family (although only an hour away admittedly) is something that I am finding hard to wrap my head around - but at the same time, its something I'm quite excited about. A new town, with new treasures to find and new adventures to be had? Not everyone gets the chance to embrace that at twenty eight years of age, so I count myself as incredibly lucky to be in the position I am.

The blog will be the same - except I may be a little closer to Manchester/Liverpool related events than the Leeds ones now, and that I'll have a whole host of new places to post about once I get my hands on the camera. I'm hoping once we have our home settled and ready, that I can share more fashion related/fitness related postings - as well as a few more surprise ones I have lined up and ready to go. Having a blog is something that has kept me grounded in the last few years, despite lots up ups and downs - so I'm hoping 2016 will be no different.

My new adventure begins on the 22nd of February - I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me and I can't wait to share everything with you!

Also, I do apologise for not being around and posting last week. I've had the dreaded flu virus going around at the minute and spent the week curled up in bed binge-watching various things on Netflix and reading the Game of Thrones books. All while high on a cocktail of flu medication. I'm feeling much better now, although it still isn't gone completely I do hope this coming week will be much more productive.

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