A wander around Pennington Flash, Greater Manchester.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining, so we decided to have a post-lunch walk around somewhere local to my new area, called Pennington Flash. It isn't far from us and once you get onto the East Lancs its very easy to find - the map is below with Pennington Flash marked with the .

The area is beautiful, and a perfect place for dog walkers and ramblers alike. The trails are well kept and even though the wintery weather has ravaged the local fauna there are some little signs that Spring is well and truly here at last. Its worth noting that its also free - at the second car park, refreshments are on sale and there is a park for the little ones which is actually built on sand, so it feels a little less accident worthy!

I love winter, but I also love the little signs here and there that spring is springing up on us. The little blossoms opening up, the daffodils pushing through the soil, and even the bashful little snowdrop has made an appearance. Spring is a wonderful transition between the gloomy browns and greys of winter, and I'm glad to see it happening.

One of the attractions of Pennington is that there is a great amount of work that has gone into facilitating spots where people can bird watch and do some photography. Our feathered friends have a pride of place here and they are well catered for. Bird feeders, places to buy special duck feed, and even huts where you can sit quietly and observe the birds.

As you can see, even now when the weather isn't as warm as we'd like it to be, the huts make quite a welcome little space for you to sit. These are dotted around the area in a variety of settings - woodland, shore side and marshlands.

I love bull rushes Reed Mace. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'd never seen them in person till a few weeks ago and I'm still a little crazy for them. So here they are again, making another appearance.

Another little visitor we had the pleasure of snapping while we holed up in the hut. He wouldn't stay still for very long so I do apologise for the blurred shot. I had to include his cute little face though!

After visiting out first little hut, we decided to wander through the woodland trail back towards the waterside. The walk isn't too harsh and is mostly flat, although it was very muddy when we visited thanks to the deluge of stormy weather we've had lately. If it has been raining and you plan on visiting, make sure you have a change of shoes in the car!

Some of the shots we took on the way back to the waterside - as all the ducks have been fed by the locals, they are a little fearless and you will get swamped within seconds. They're a friendly little bunch though, even with the odd hooligan or two.

Another hut we found on the way back, this time remembering to take a photograph. They're marked on the maps which you can find at the car park, and are relatively big - you could fit a family inside, or three to four photographers. I do encourage families to respect the bird watchers and photographers who use these spaces however - keep quiet and please don't do anything that could disturb the local wildlife.

The view from the birdwatching hut (Pengy's Hide, as named above). This is looking out over a smaller body of land, and not the huge body of water you walk around to get here which means its a nice space to watch the smaller birds feed on the bird feeders. We did see a few wrens here too.

How beautiful is the flash at sunset?

Its absolutely gorgeous and so tranquil as the birds quieten down and find their roosts for the night. We ended up sitting on a bench overlooking this and just watching the sun go down, as it was something quite unmissable. We don't often get the chance to enjoy sunset as our adventures usually mean we are driving back instead of taking a minute to enjoy the sun going down, so it was a real treat - even with the ducks looking at us rather hopefully for more food.

I really do recommend a visit to Pennington Flash for the walk and the chance to get to see some of the birds we take for granted in our back gardens, in a much more wild environment. Its a family friendly, free place to visit and in summer with a picnic I'm pretty sure it would be perfect*!

*As long as you don't set up your picnic near those ducks. Seriously, they'd have your sandwiches in an instant.


  1. wow the scenery looks beautiful!
    Jabeen x

    1. It really is, and so close to home too!

  2. I've nominated you for a tag over on my blog, id love to see you do it xx


    1. Thank you so much! I'll go take a look now!


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