A day out in Manchester City!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On Saturday Mike, the children and myself took a trip into Manchester to visit a travelling fair. As a family we do love visiting fairs, and this one didn't disappoint. The rides were all £3 each, apart from the huge spinning one which was £5 - none of us were brave enough for that one. Originally, we'd set out to visit a fair at a town not too far away from home, but when we got there and looked out over the empty field - we realised the flyer we had looked at online was for 2015. Oops.

The fair was behind the Corn Exchange - it did deceive us a little because there was a glorious carousel in front of the Manchester Arndale and we did think "is that it?". Thankfully after a little walk, we stumbled onto the main body of rides and entertainment. We did think of visiting the Football Museum, but we decided to save that for another day.

The children had a great time - thanks to the rides being varied, they each got to choose which they wanted to go on and there was minimal upset. Usually when we visit places like this, the little one wants to go on the big rides and we end up with a sulky situation. The weather wasn't too bad either - thankfully the rain held off and it was much milder than it had been!
Towards the end of the day, Mike and T decided to gang up on me. T asked to go on a ride with me - a simple spinning ride, pretty tame looking. They'd both been on it together earlier in the day and while I was designated coat carrier I hadn't had the chance to go on anything. Little did I know they'd schemed to get me onto one of the fastest rides I've ever been on in my life - I think the photographs speak for themselves!

As you can see, T is incredibly proud of himself for putting me through that ordeal. He did decide to let me know the true extent of his deception - when I was secured into the ride and couldn't escape. I felt so dizzy and nauseous for the next hour I can't even describe it.

When we were walking back to our car, we did have a discussion around how small Manchester makes you feel. Everything is so big - even when I lived in the city in Yorkshire, the world didn't seem as big as it was in Manchester - T likened it to New York a little. I have to agree. I can't wait to explore it a little more though, its packed with museums and restaurants I want to visit!

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