Sankey Valley, Cheshire - Part 3.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Another visit to Sankey Valley! This time we wanted to explore the visitors centre - unfortunately, it was closed on the Saturday afternoon we went so we made do with a little wander through the woods and around the area.

The trail is clean and tidy, and again - very busy with dog walkers. If you stay on the paved pathways you can have a lovely walk whatever the weather but if you go off of the main path be warned - it can be very muddy! I made the mistake of wearing my white converse for this trip and they needed a blitz in the washing machine when I got back (although I did collect a cute little sausage dog paw print on them from an excitable little friend I met)!

The canal is back for this section of the valley, as you can see, and its a popular feeding spot for a whole host of ducks and swans. They're well fed here as they followed us expecting food from us, too!

This area is commemorating an old mill which stood here back in 1773. It was called Stanley Mill and it was powered by water - hence the water wheels. A dam had been created in order to run this mill, and the canal helped transport the goods between Stanley Mill and the Carr Forges - which will be another post!

We decided to go off the beaten path at this point and had a wander in the woodland surrounding the old mill site. Again, it was well taken care of and there was no litter - but you can see why my white converse were a bad idea. I like wandering around these kinds of areas with the children, especially when I tell them to keep an eye out for Trolls.

I marked the visitors centre on a map, below - but make sure you call ahead and check whether its open or not. There is a large car park on site, and access to the trails as well as the centre itself. This was a shorter walk than our previous walks, so its perfect for little legs that don't like to travel far!

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