Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Carr Mill Dam, St Helens.

After our adventures in Sankey Valley we decided to visit a place we'd seen crop up a few times while planning that series - Carr Mill Dam. I'd had a few DM's recommending the dam as a great place for photographing the local wild life which is always one of my favourite things to do, so during the Easter half term we packed up the camera and made our way over.

After we parked, we slowly made our way down a rather sodden pathway (wellies are very much needed!) and discovered a red brick bridge crossing the waters. It had low sides which was a nice change, as usually my hobbit-sized self has to stand on tiptoes to peer over at the views either side of bridges!
Lots of friendly dog walkers favour this route, as well as walking groups - we had a huge crowd of walkers pass us by, putting us to shame as they were dressed for the occasion while I was rocking wedges.

We followed the route around the shoreline, listening to the sounds of the dam. Its a haven for local bird life, boasting Kingfishers and Grebes amongst other frequent visitors. We were treated to the Grebe dancing for each other, which is a sight to behold - true romancers!
Again, this route was incredibly muddy in places and I really recommend wearing better shoes than I did. I managed in the end, but I was caked in mud. As we wander around places like this, we often keep an eye out for things we can 'forage' - we haven't had the guts to actually forage anything for our own plates yet but its something I want to do in future.

I love mushrooms - so spotting this Jew's Ear mushroom and photographing it was imperative. Apparently this type of mushroom is used in Hot & Sour soup, so I think next time I'll be grabbing some and drying them out for later use! Obviously, mushrooms are something you shouldn't gather and eat unless you are 100% certain about them - I cannot stress enough how dangerous eating the wrong types are so please don't do it on my say-so! We google the heck out of things like this!

The dam itself is right around the other side of the water to where we parked - but it was a lovely walk through the woods, although closer to the dam it became a little more industrial. The dam was overflowing today which made for some pretty photographs - and you could get right down to the side of the water which I'm not used to! The reservoirs around Yorkshire are pretty good at keeping you away from the waters edge for safety reasons, so this was a nice and naughty change.
The walk wasn't a strenuous one, and it took us about an hour and a half to slowly make our way around. There were some people walking dogs who passed us around 20 minutes in, so if you want a nice area to squeeze a calorie burning workout in this is the place!


  1. Oh how interesting! And some super cool photos - especially the fungi.
    Sounds like it's worth the visit just for birding opportunities for me ;) haha


    1. I LOVE fungi! I always have to snap a photo of any we see out and about, I'm hoping to forage some soon so I can really get to grips with wild Britain! The bird life was really abundant here too - we never did get to spot the elusive Kingfisher though.

  2. Looks like the ideal place for a relaxing weekend stroll. I'm always on the lookout for new walking areas so thanks for sharing!

    1. It's well worth the visit! We plan on going back for a wander in the future.

  3. It looks beautiful and it's so close to me. I will have to visit it this summer.

    1. It's a really lovely location and really close to home for some people. Well worth the visit!


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