The July Lust List

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Every month I have a bookmarks folder filled with little bits around the internet I've seen and loved, and I never really share them so.. That's about to change. Welcome to my lusty lists filled with bits and pieces I've fallen head over heels for so I hope someone else somewhere does too.

Cute Bunny Ballerina Flats, available via Ebay (£14.99)
Mermaid ornament, available via George at ASDA (£10)
Stag with flowers ornament, available via George at ASDA (£12)
Cantebury Grey Rose Bedding, available via Tesco (£17.99)

I think the arrival of Rusty has had an influence on my list this month - lots of cute bunny goodness! I adore the shoes and I want to get my mitts on them before I start work again as I know they'll be a total hit with everyone. ASDA have some absolutely stunning home ware available at the moment, the pieces I picked above are only a tiny show of what they have. Go have a look if you are just as obsessed with knick-knacks for your home as I am.

If you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments, I truly adore discovering new brands and I'd love to see your lusty lists this month!


  1. I love the mermaid ornament =]

    1. She's really pretty and eyecatching isn't she? Mike was like "what, in the bathroom?" and I quickly made sure I corrected him to "pride of place in the front room"!

  2. That bedding is so cute! I really love the mermaid ornament as well, I've never seen something like that before.

    1. I adore the bedding! It's almost my favourite thing on the list, behind those gorgeous flats!

  3. I love that bunny mug, so cute! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx


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