Small Changes, Big Results

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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For a lot of us, our routine to lose weight often includes turning our lifestyles completely backwards. And for a lot of us, this proves to be counterproductive. Going to the gym daily and turning our dinners into salads on the first day will usually return us back to our previous habits by the end of the week. However, you don’t need to make such drastic changes all at once. You don't always have to be so strict and you shouldn’t overdo it or it will be tougher to keep going. After you start receiving the benefits and results, you’ll naturally crave it and can work towards more.

A simple way to lose weight is altering your diet. Everyone knows that eating your vegetables and cutting down on fatty foods is healthy for you. And ideally, this is the best way for you to lose weight and there are many ways for you to turn healthy foods into delicious meals. But this can still be hard for some and luckily, it's not the only way. There are other healthy alternatives that you can look to while still enjoying your favourite dinners frequently. Here are a few tips you can follow when eating any meal and still cut back on hundreds of calories a day!

Take control of portion sizes
When eating snacks such as chips, we sometimes unintentionally eat a bigger portion that is necessary to satisfy our cravings. Instead of eating from the bag, try pouring a serving into a bowl or sticking to wrapped candy. This keeps you from taking bigger bites and the constant unwrapping makes some eat as little as 30 percent less than they normally would have.
Wait 20 minutes before going back for seconds

We are prone to overeating for various reasons. Some may include from skipping previous meals, emotional stress, or simply just because the meal tastes so well. Instead try to keep the first serving to a moderate size, drink a glass of water, and then wait 20 minutes. Most likely, you will change your mind about your need to eat. 20 minutes is about how long it takes for your brain to get the message from your body that it's full.

Light a scented candle after dinner

Picking a scented candle with a smell that is reminiscent to your favourite dessert can curve your cravings for what you had in mind. There are many kinds of scented candles, covering scents of vanilla, chocolate, creme brulee, and many more! You can receive the satisfaction of having the dessert without having to deal with the calories involved.

However, these are just a few tips of many. If you found these helpful and would like to look into more, then read more about the fastest way to lose weight. Another way to lose weight is to exercise. Exercising has a tonne of benefits. It lowers the risk of many health diseases, improves your mental attitude, keeps you feeling young, and last but not least, helps you lose weight! Despite this, studies show that most adults do not commit themselves to even 30 minutes of physical activity daily. Getting into the habit of exercising can turn your life around in a lot of positive ways, so let's list a few things that can help you start too!

Partner up

Doing an activity with a friend can help you keep consistency and makes it feel like less of a chore. Just going on a simple walk or jog together while having a conversation can do wonders in the long run.

Go explore

Instead of always running in place on a treadmill and seeing the same environment, take the exercising to the outdoors. There are many things to see. For even more benefits, being outside also helps decrease feelings of stress and depression.

Make a playlist
Not only does music work as a great distraction, it also makes you work harder, and helps you synchronize and pace your workout.

Give Up Loving Pop!

Friday, May 19, 2017

I recently cut down on my intake of fizzy drinks - a hard task to do when I've indulged in more Diet Coke than I should do in my lifetime. Thankfully, I've discovered there is way more to life than a few bubbles and today I'm going to share some of my favourite alternatives with you.
Obviously, quitting anything can be tough, so remember to treat yourself and not deprive yourself totally - you'll hate it. I do have a glass of 'pop' when I need to, but I've drastically cut down and while at work I only drink water (or caffeine free coffee at lunchtime) so that leaves no time for indulging in a sugary treat or two. The time I find tough is when me and Mike are settling down, when I'd have usually resorted to a glass of wine or two (wine doesn't have bubbles!) but as alcohol is off the menu for now, a glass of pop is my vice. When I heard about the GULP campaign, I knew I had to look into it a little - and promote my alternatives to carbonation!

Infused Water
Having a water bottle with an infuser (you can find an original design right here for a reasonable £12.95) is one way of brightening up boring old H2O. Infusing water is something people on Pinterest have been dabbling in for years, its only over the last few months it has become more mainstream - a few slices of lemon in a water jug with your ice cubes at the family BBQ, throwing some lime and mint into your infuser bottle to create that mojito feeling - that's fruit infusion. I have a few favourite combinations - lime and mint, cucumber and lemon, strawberry and basil - all are a tasty alternative that keeps you hydrated and refreshed without the sugary bubbles.
I have a cupboard full of tea - another cheap and cheerful alternative to bubbles! You can find so many varieties these days, there is a teabag to please every palette. I love the stronger tasting teas such as ginger, liquorice and mango - again, with a slice of lemon if I'm feeling a little under the weather. My new night-time tipple of choice is honey and camomile tea - it sends me straight off into a deep sleep.
Fruit juices can be very sugary, so I prefer diluting mine down with water. I adore the Belvoir range - the elderflower cordial, and the ginger cordial are personal favourites. I usually have a bottle stashed in my locker at work for when my water needs a little bit of a pick-me-up - making the most of our water cooler in summer months. These can be served with hot water too - a hot ginger juice is perfect for staving off a cold, while the blueberry and blackcurrant is perfect for curling up with at night.
The GULP Campaign
Knowsley Council have endorsed a campaign called Give Up Loving Pop (GULP, rather cleverly) which focuses on promoting none-fizzy drinks to both children and adults alike. By visiting the website, you can take part in a 21 day challenge to give up fizzy drinks, or simply read up on the subject - they've highlighted a whole range of reasons why the fizzy stuff is bad for your body. From your teeth to your heart, your carbonated habit is doing you no favours.

Long Haul Lovelies

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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While exploring the places and sites around us in our local area is a wonderful and worthwhile experience, there is just something about imagining yourself really far away from where you are right at the moments that is really appealing. It can help you get through stressful moment, or give you something look forward to in the future. But where would you go if you had the chance and the funds? What about some of these lovely long haul locations listed below?


What do you think about China? It's certainly exotic with a totally different language, spoken and written. As well as different customs and cuisine. OK, so maybe this choice isn't for by one as it can be quite a culture shock. But there are certainly some things there for the more adventurous among us like The Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.


Another popular long haul destination you may like to consider is Australia. What many folks don't realize about this country is that most of the built up parts are around the outside, on the coastline. While central Australia is more rural and sparsely populated. Of course, this is due to the fact it's hard to eke out an existence in the central bush areas, and it's more pleasant to spend time next to the ocean in the extreme heat of the summer.
Although before deciding on visiting this fine country it is worth noting that here border controls are very strict, as mentioned in this article at This means you cannot bring in anything edible or live into the country or you could be fined or refuse entry entirely.


The next long haul destination to be considered is the spectacular country of Canada. With beautiful mountains, glaciers, and wilderness you would be forgiven for thinking that very few people live in this place.
Of course, as soon as you get into the lively and bustling city areas like Calgary and Montreal, you will realise that just isn't the case.
However, if you do decide to visit here it is worth being aware of the border controls here as well. As many travels need visa waivers, or visa themselves to gain entry. Although you can visit the Canadian ETA site for more information on this, and swat up on the requirements before you go.
However, if you are a real seaside fan, then you may want to eschew these other locations in favour of somewhere like the glorious Maldives. Famous for its white sands and safe bays, The Maldives has become a luxury destination for couples and honeymooners in particular.
The sea huts erected on stilts that allow you to observe the marine life and take a dip in the ocean whenever you feel like are pretty iconic, and certainly draw folks in from all around the world. No matter how long the flight takes to get there.
Lastly, if you are up for something that is a little bit different why not take a trip to Greenland?
This huge landmass in the North Atlantic ocean is sparsely populated to the fact a lot of it is covered with ice all year round. So it's probably best to leave the bathing suits at home!

However, it is a great place to view the beautiful fjords and Northern Light phenomenon, making it a dream location for some.

Dying To Visit London? Creepy Attractions In The Capital

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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Need to kill some time in London? For those looking for a taste of the city’s dark past or simply wanting the scare factor, the capital has plenty of thrills on offer. Here are just a handful of the attractions that will get your heart racing.

Head off to the tower of London
The Tower of London is steeped in rich history and has many attractions on offer from the Crown Jewels to medieval re-enactments. The castle was also once a prison for some famous characters including Anne Boleyn, Edward V and Lady Jane Grey. Tours and audio guides can bring all the gory details to life for those wanting a look into the tower’s gristly past.
Walk the footsteps of a killer
One of London’s most notorious characters is Jack the Ripper. You can learn about him and his killings on a Jack the Ripper tour that takes you around key spots on the East End. Each guide is an expert on the field – many of them having written books on the subject. To this day, the identity of Jack is still debated. It’s a murder mystery that’s baffled investigators for over a century.

See a ghost

There have been a number of ghostly sightings in this ancient city. Pubs such as The Grenadier and The Spaniard’s Inn are great place to get a taste of these spirits. The London Ghost Bus Tour is also an exciting way to learn about these hauntings. The tour combines on-board actors and technical trickery, making it as much of a theatrical experience as it is an opportunity to learn about the past and the city’s paranormal activity. Seats book up fast so make sure you buy tickets well in advance.

Watch a scary movie

The Temple Cinema on Liverpool Street is a converted masonic chamber that was only recently discovered. The cinema has a number of scary showings of old horror movies from the likes of Psycho and The Babadook. For those that like a good fear flick but want an experience different from your average movie theatre, this unique cinema is well worth a visit. You even have the option of adding a two course dinner on top (it’s a popular attraction for dates!).

Hungry for horror?

One popular London bar for those wanting a taste of the occult is Garlic and Shots. This bar offers a number of devilish drinks and freakish foods including Vampire Steak and is surrounded in creepy d├ęcor including cobwebs and skulls. Autumn is of course the best time to visit London for scary food and drink attraction as this is when all the restaurants and bars get their Halloween theme on. The city’s cake shops are definitely worth perusing during this period, with sweet snack shaped like spiders and guts. If you’re visiting London during Halloween and looking to have a meal on the night, make sure to book ahead to guarantee your place.

Me Time Not Mum Time!

Monday, May 15, 2017

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Having children in your life is such a wonderful opportunity and blessing. Not only do you have the benefit of their company but you also get to do loads of fun things like going to theme parks and getting messy with painting and drawing. But sometimes you just need some me time. Time without the little ones that is just for you to unwind and relax. Read on for some clever suggestions about how you can achieve this.

Afternoon tea

A lovely thing to do, for a bit of me time that is elegant and sophisticated is to grab your girlie friends or even your own mum and take them for afternoon tea.

You’ll find that are all sorts on offer around the country from little tea shops to posh hotels, and even a bus tour that includes cake and sandwiches too.

Or why not get to a historical property like The Wood Norton that offers afternoon tea along with a flower arranging demonstration? So you can be pampered and crafty all in one go.
Now, as you may know, I enjoy getting out in the great outdoors and doing some hiking. There are some great benefits to hiking, and they are not all physical. Some are mental too, as being away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life can help you get some space and perspective.

Hiking is really a perfect fit for some me time, as choose to go out into the wilds are spend some time alone connecting with nature. Leaving you refreshed and ready for whatever life has to bring when you return.


I find other great me time activities is to get involved are things like crafting and baking, or anything else creative that you enjoy. But remember it's the process that is important not the outcome!
Too often we can see something nice and think ‘I can make that!’ But when we sit down to do it we get so involved with the finished article in our heads, that we forget to actually enjoy the time alone that we have dedicated to making it.

Spa days
Now, if you are feeling in need of a little luxury as well as some time for yourself, then there is no better place to go than a spa. Usually a part of a hotel; a spa often contains a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna. As well as treatment rooms and other treats for the senses.
In fact, it’s all designed for your to have some quiet, relaxing, time centred on yourself for a change. So remember this option if things are starting to get on top of you and it all feels a little too much.
Some of you may love to head out to the shop armed with your credit card and some flat shoes, so you can stomp your way around town and grab some bargains in your me time.
But even if you don’t and there's nothing stopping you having some quality me time at home by dying some internet shopping. Keep your jammies on, put your feet up, and grab a nice hot chocolate. While you browse your favourite sites and order things to be delivered to your very own door.

Make These Quick Changes For A Healthier You

Friday, May 12, 2017

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Something that we can all agree on is that it pays to be as healthy as possible. But keeping fit is the kind of thing which can often be surprisingly difficult to maintain. If you are someone who tends to have trouble in this area, it might be worth doing whatever is necessary to improve your physical fitness. Ideally, you will want to look for those solutions which allow you to see those changes happen quite fast. This will then spur you on to continuing those good habits, and that is exactly the kind of situation you want to be in. Let’s take a look at some of the best quick changes which you might want to make today.

Learn About Nutrition

Many people want to improve their health, and work hard to exercise more and so on, but forget about the overbearing importance of their diet. If you really want to be as healthy as possible, it is hugely helpful if you go out of your way to learn about nutrition. Knowing even a little bit about nutrition and what kind of diet you should have will help you to bring about a much healthier lifestyle in no time at all, so it is a good idea to get learning. You might actually be surprised at just how easy it can be to pick up this kind of information, and having it on board will help you to make all the right decisions about your diet. This can make a huge difference, so it is well worth the effort.

Take Up A Sport

If you are someone who struggles to find the enthusiasm for exercise, you might find it easier to take up a sport. If you get your exercise by engaging in a sport with others, you won't’ be thinking about the exercise itself - and yet, you will find that you are still getting all the benefits of that exercise at the same time. There are certain sports which tend to lend themselves pretty well to this kind of endeavour. Cycling is a good example. With the ability to compare bike insurance online and find the necessary safety equipment, all you need is a good bike and the people to ride with. You might be surprised at how fast you lose weight this way, so this is one sport which you might want to seriously think about.

Drink More Water

This is one of those things that we all know is good for you, and yet so few of us actually manage to do it. Why that might be depends on each individual, but if you are aware of the real benefits of drinking a healthy amount of water, you will be much more likely to drink plenty of it. Drinking plenty of water helps to keep you fit and healthy, stimulates any cardiovascular exercise you might engage in, and enables you to get back to a resting heart rate much faster after any kind of exercise. It is clear that it is an essential thing to do, and if you want to take back control of your health you should look into drinking more water from today.
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