3 Amazing Natural Phenomena You can See for Yourself

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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The world is vast and absolutely packed with extraordinary sights. So many in fact that it is almost impossible for the average person to see all of them within their lifetime. Be it due to simply not having enough time or financial constraints, exploring the world is no easy task. Regardless, you should not entirely give up hope in seeing some of the earth’s most spectacular phenomena. With the internet at the helm of society, just about everything gets documented online, giving you a chance to witness these marvellous events second hand. That does not mean that second hand is all you should settle for, with access to the internet one gains access to an overwhelmingly large amount of information which can allow you to plan out exactly the things you might want to see.

Here are 3 stunning phenomena you can see for yourself.

Number 1 - Snow and Ice Penitentes

Snow Penitentes which are also known as Nieves Penitentes ( “penitent-shaped snows” in Spanish), are named after their resemblance to a crowd of people kneeling doing penance. Due to their elongated and white appearance, they resemble tall pointed hoods which were worn by brothers of religious orders in the Procession of Penance which takes place during Spanish Holy week. But what are they really? Their appearance definitely is bizarre yet captivating, but do not really look like any familiar sight encountered naturally. They are in fact snow formations which are found at high altitudes, taking form of long thin blades of hardened ice and snow, they form closely next to one another all generally pointing towards the sun.If you want to find out more about why they form, feel free to read this informative article which goes more in-depth than I ever could!

Number 2 - Northern Lights

The Northern lights probably need no introduction, just about everyone and their dog has heard of Northern Lights at one point. Looking like a chunk of space that just floated down low into our atmosphere, they are most definitely a breathtaking sight. While anyone can go and gaze at some pretty colours in the night sky, actually understanding the Northern Lights would make it seem all the more amazing and is highly recommended. No matter where you are in the world, going to a location known for almost guaranteed sightings of northern lights is not very far away.


Number 3 - Lake Tuz

The second largest lake in Turkey is no ordinary lake. During a hot summer day, one might think their eyes are deceiving them, that they are seeing a mirage, when in fact it is one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world. Located between other popular tourist locations in Turkey such as Ankara and Konya, it is most definitely worth checking out at least once. The lake is very shallow, and incredibly salty. It almost looks like something out of a surrealist piece hung up in an art gallery. If you plan on visiting and taking a dip, prepare to have salt falling off you for the next few hours. Taking a separate bottle of water to wash off salt is advised.

Girls' Weekend Away: Chilling Out in London

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Getting away from your mundane everyday life doesn’t mean that you have to hide somewhere nice and quiet. Having fun and exploring the big city can be just as rejuvenating as a calming evening at the spa - and even more so when you bring your favourite girl squad along.

You have a lot of activities to look forward to if you’re planning a girls’ weekend away in London, though, and it certainly doesn’t stop with this handy list. You can find a few links to other sites as well that updates their calendar frequently if you want to take advantage of the weekly happenings.

If not, just use this list of classic adventures and enjoy your time together.

Have a cup of afternoon tea

While we try not to genderise the best we can, it’s tempting to claim that the prospect of afternoon tea with your girlfriends sounds like more fun than with your guy mates. It’s just something about spending some time together over several cups of tea after exploring the city for a few hours and eating everything you can get your hands on.
It should be easy enough to reach a great salon for afternoon tea when you live in one of those serviced apartments as most of them are found in the centre. There are, luckily, several famous spots for tea both in and right outside of the city so you don’t have to spend an hour on the tube just to get there. Ritz is one of these, as well as Mason and Claridge’s.
Just plot them into Google Maps when you’re ready for a break and look forward to the soothing aromas. The ones mentioned above are fantastic places for a cup of tea but maybe a bit pricey; visit Orange Pekoe for a more budget-friendly cup - it’s a really cute salon too.

Wander the markets

Camden market is arguably one of London’s most famous places to get completely lost in, and it’s worth the confusion as you’ll find so many cool and eccentric things. Plus, they have a bit of everything in case you’re not up for checking out every market the city has to offer. Beware of the crowd, though, as it gets quite hectic during the weekends.

Head off to Borough market when it gets too crowded and fulfil your inner foodie’s dreams instead - or walk around in Greenwich market, looking at all their peculiar arts and crafts. When you want to come back home with a suitcase filled with strange knick-knacks, Greenwich is really the place to go.

Climb to the top at Go Ape

Shopping and afternoon tea is perfectly fine for a weekend away with your girls, but it’s fun to spruce it up a bit with some new activities. Wobble around over logs, swing yourself with ropes like Tarzan, and zip line your stress away - it’s so much fun and a great way to spend the afternoon if you’re a big group.
Their safety procedures are, of course, impeccable so you can easily enjoy this even if you’re a bit scared of heights. It’s a great way to challenge yourself in any way and treat your friends to a lot of laughter on your behalf, taking one for the team or whatever.
If you haven’t checked out Timeout yet, it’s a good idea to have a look before you leave to be up-to-date on the events you don’t want to miss out on. Being bored is not an alternative when you’re on an adventure with your best girl squad - and certainly not when you’re in London.

Looking After Your Family Or Friends As They Get Older

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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No matter how young or old you may be, there’s most likely somebody in your life who’s getting on in life a little bit. Perhaps you’ve noticed that they’re not as spritely as they once were or that their mind doesn’t quite connect the dots in the same way that it used to. Without being patronizing, it’s important to do all you can to look after loved ones as they get older. It’s not about taking away their independence but recognizing that we all get old.

The point is that you’ll most likely want somebody to help you out in later life if you’re struggling mentally or physically, so you need to treat others as you’ll one day wish to be treated. That might involve small things such as holding a door open or bigger things such as taking them out for a meal so that you can all catch up and spend some quality time together. Whether it’s a parent, a grandparent, or simply an old friend, here are some pieces of advice on looking after loved ones as they get older.


People say that money and commodities can’t buy happiness but, when you gift something to someone else, that’s an entirely different story. Such a gesture is a way of showing a loved one how much they mean to you. If your old friend or family member is retired and their time is finally their own then maybe you could help them truly relish in their freedom by treating them to a vacation. You could go with them on this trip or it could be a gift for your loved one and their partner. Whatever the case, there’s no greater gift than a memory and that special person in your life will certainly remember a traveling experience more than any other physical gift you could give them. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion either; life is for living today, so surprise them with this gift out of the blue.

Physical care

Of course, your friend or relative might be getting to that stage in life at which looking after themselves is becoming difficult. Perhaps they can’t walk as well as they used to and they’re prone to falling off or injuring themselves. Even if someone’s mind is still young and sharp, it can be very difficult to do simple things once the body deteriorates, so you need to be strong enough to help your loved one when they need it; even if they try to refuse your help. That might even involve moving in with them if they want or need that extra assistance. As for mental deterioration, of course, you might struggle to take care of your friend or family member on your own.
Confusion and memory loss can be very difficult things with which to deal; not only for the sufferer but for you and other people who love this person. You might want to start looking into a nursing home for dementia as soon as possible if the doctor says it’s an indication of early signs of that mental condition. The best thing you can do is to provide your loved one with a comfortable state of existence.


Most importantly, you need to ensure your loved one has as much freedom as possible. We’ve talked in this article about how tough it can be when a friend or relative becomes too old to look after themselves and they need that extra help. Whilst they may lose some element of their independence, however, there’s still a lot you can do to ensure your loved one has as much freedom as possible in life. For example, whilst you may have to be their chauffeur if they’re no longer fit to drive, you could certainly help this friend or family member by driving them to activities they’ve arranged with their friends or meals they wish to treat you to. Retaining independence in that sense is very important.

How To Cope With Pain In Your Life

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As much as we hate it, pain is sometimes a part of our everyday life, and it can make everything about of life one hundred times harder. Whether you’re suffering from stomach pain, back pain, or anything else, there are some ways to help you deal with it. Take a look if you need a little help with managing the pain in your life.

Change Your Shoes

If you suffer from pain in your foot, leg, or lower back, it could have something to do with what you’re putting on your feet. High heels and narrow shoes are the usual culprits for this pain, so it may be time to change your shoes. Wearing heels causes you to carry your weight too far forward, which causes pain in your back. Ensure you wear shoes that fit your feet properly and avoid wearing heels any higher than three inches on a daily basis.

Change Your Diet

There are some foods that are natural painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Foods like salmon and walnuts, which contain omega-3 fats, have been shown to relieve pain, whereas citrus fruits, red onions, and broccoli have been shown to inhibit swelling. Eating many of these foods together may reduce your need for medication, and could even eliminate the need altogether.


Acupuncture involves inserting sterile needles into an area in which you feel pain. It may seem crazy to essentially stab a needle into your source of pain, but it actually stimulates the central nervous system, diffusing messages sent by the brain, and dulling the pain. Blood flow in the area is also stimulated, so the inflammation is also reduced. If you’re not a fan of needles, then heat therapy and cupping work in similar ways, and have shown just as much success as traditional acupuncture methods.


While this certainly is not medical, sometimes mind over matter works wonders when dealing with your pain, and distracting yourself from the pain is a great idea, especially if you are doing something that you really enjoy, such as listening to your favourite music or exercising. When you do something you enjoy, endorphins are released, which are natural painkillers.

Get Some Help

You might try all of the options above, and still be in massive amounts of pain. If this is the case for you, then you should really look into seeking some professional help, such as from a doctor or a pain relief clinic. There is a lot of medication and other treatments out there for you to try, some of which may be specific to your pain or illness, so it would certainly help if you spoke to someone professional.
Just because pain is a part of life, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in silence. There is a lot that you can do to try to combat your pain, including using one of the methods above, so take control of your body and find a method that works for you.

Navigating Life With OCD Isn't As Easy As ABC

Monday, October 23, 2017

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A lot of people claim they have OCD whenever they do things that are a little out of the ordinary. I’m talking about those people that need to have their TV volume on a round number, or can’t go to bed without peeing first. These people all say they have OCD because they show signs of a few OCD tendencies. However, the rest of their life is a complete breeze, and they don’t suffer at all.
This isn’t the case for people suffering from the real obsessive-compulsive disorder. Life is a lot harder than simply dealing with a few tiny issues here and there. The problem is, OCD has been trivialized so much, we don’t take real sufferers seriously. If you actually have the proper disorder, people will just say "oh yeah I have that too, I can’t cope when I see a coaster at a bad angle!"
Consequently, you go through life without anyone taking your problems as seriously as they should, and you suffer. Life becomes a real struggle, and you find it very difficult to do regular things. What people don’t realise is that OCD can take over your life and really put you in a disadvantaged position. You feel compelled to do things that aren’t normal and might make you look weird. If you don’t do them, your mind goes crazy, and you can’t rest at all. At the end of the day, it’s a mental health problem that needs to be taken seriously. So, I decided to write a few words of advice for anyone whose life is troubled by severe OCD.

Seek Professional Help & Guidance

Firstly, you should seek professional help and guidance. I always believe you should treat mental health the same way you treat physical health. If you want to look after your physical health, you see a doctor. So, go and see someone that caters to the mental side of things. If you visit compasshealthcenter.net, you’ll see they have clinical treatment plans for people with disorders like this one. It’s always worth hearing professional advice and learning what your disorder is all about and how you can start coping with it.

Explain Yourself To Others

One of the easiest things you can do to make life easier is to explain your situation to people around you. Let them know you have OCD and that it’s an actual problem. Explain what it causes you to do so they’re not shocked when you do little weird things. It gets everything out in the open, and they’ll be more sensitive to your issues. This is especially important in the workplace where you need to tell your boss you have this problem. In fact, if you visit themighty.com you’ll find some advice on how to do just that.
These are the main tips I have for you, and I know they might not seem like much. However, the truth is that you really need professional help with OCD. It’s not something you can come to terms with on your own and try to deal with. You need the professional help to guide you, and explaining your situation to others is the best thing to do outside of that.

Losing Our Appetite At The Rollercoaster Restaurant, Alton Towers

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I had the ghoulish delight of taking on the Alton Towers Scarefest with a small group of my favourite people recently. I've never actually attended Scarefest before, and because I already own a Merlin Annual Pass (although the mazes cost £8 extra and you have to book them) it would be relatively affordable for me. We decided to go on Friday the 20th of October, due to Gail and Ste celebrating their anniversary on the 31st of October - what better venue to celebrate than a creepy gathering of freaks and gremlins right?

We decided long before the 20th that we'd be giving the Rollercoaster Restaurant a go - I spent a long time looking at reviews, Youtubers vlogs and reading experiences on TripAdvisor and generally looking forward to the visit. Sure, some reviews were negative on TripAdvisor but the overwhelming consensus was that it was a fantastic place to eat with a rather 'fun' twist.

When we got to Alton Towers, all the signage prompted us to 'reserve a place' at the restaurant - so we did. A glitch on the application meant that we actually reserved a place for the 3rd of November... I did tweet Alton about that at the time and they assured me they'd be taking walk-ins anyway. So no need to book a table. Like all the electronic signage was telling me to. 

At around half past four, we went for our dinner.

We did have to wait for fifteen/twenty minutes as the tables became available - inside, there are 8-10 rather large tables which are split into sections, so you dine with other families on the same table but still have your own little 'section'. Once we were seated, the staff who was seating the constant flow of customers did take the time to explain to us what to do with the iPad and menus - something I'm really glad of as it was a completely new experience for all of us. He recommended we ordered through the same 'slot' so that food arrived together.

Because it was Scarefest, the menu was a 'special Scarefest menu' which wasn't very expansive. Three burgers, some salads, curry and ribs. Oh, and steaks. While I had a soft drink (as did our designated driver), Gail and Ste wanted to share a bottle of wine understandably - it was their anniversary and this was a huge treat for everyone! So drinks, along with 3 chicken curries and some ribs were sent through to the kitchen.

The curry, was £13 for a portion. The ribs, £15. Wine, £19.50 (or near enough..) and soft drinks around £3 each.. Meaning our meal total was £78 - a hefty sum of money regardless of where you eat. When it did arrive in little metal canisters which were whizzed around the framework above us to our table - I immediately picked up on the disappointment as my three curry loving diners began to dish up their mains. It smelt wonderful, even if it did look a little lackluster in the cans.. My main was brought to the table, with my sweet potato fries catapulting towards me from above.

My own main, the ribs were tasty - three sections of rib, with 2 ribs per section, so quite a nice amount. The sweet potato fries however were soggy and sad - with no seasoning, so it had that pungent sweet potato aftertaste. I put those to one side as I didn't want to ruin the meal moaning about my food - until I looked at everyone else. Now, the curry had arrived a good ten minutes before my food had so they were all well into the meal.

This is what faced them.

All three were pushing it around their plates and I felt.. Well I felt bloody awful. At £78 - theme park food or not - you want people to at least eat the food sent. I tasted it, and there was just something off.. As Mike put it, it was as if someone had put a beef curry or chilli con carne sauce, with the chicken. It was truly vile. The chicken was tender, so they said - but that sauce was wretched!

I called over a waitress and explained the situation.. She offered new meals, but we declined them and just wanted to leave. As much as the whole experience was a disappointment, I wish I had her name - because she cleared our bill of food meaning we only paid for our drinks. She even sent me home with my ribs - the only edible thing of the meal - wrapped in tin foil. As we did leave, the gentleman who seated us apologised profusely too, so we didn't begrudge the waiting staff.. But we won't be visiting that restaurant again. We ended up settling at the Woodcutter's Bar and Grill and sharing a plate of nachos as nobody was hungry after that experience.

Simple Ways To Maintain A Healthy Reproductive System

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Today’s post is all about health. As women, we tend to take the time to look after our bodies; eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and even taking time out for our mental health when things get tough. However, there’s one thing missing from this list: Reproductive Health. As women, and indeed as human beings, one of the greatest pleasures in the world is having children, but in order to do that we must also make sure to look after our reproductive system, and here are some ways you can do it:

Practice your kegel exercises 

 Kegel exercises involve strengthening the pubococcygeus is (PC) muscle, which supports the pelvic bowl. It can help to prevent you developing a prolapsed uterus, urinary incontinence and improve vaginal sensitivity during intercourse. It can be practiced by stopping the flow of urine midstream. Once you’ve got that movement nailed, you can tense and relax this muscle as you sit at your desk or on the sofa for ten minutes. If you are struggling with this, talk to a reproductive clinic such as Marie Stopes to guide you through the process.

Do a yoni steam two to three times per month 

A yoni steam will allow your uterus to tone and cleanse itself, keeping it healthy and clean. It is a process where you steam your vagina to allow cleansing and tightening of muscles. You should steam approximately a week before your period begins, and again immediately after.

Increase calcium and magnesium intake 

Magnesium helps ease low blood sugar, dizziness and cravings brought on by PMS. Calcium reduces premenstrual fatigue and depression. There are some great mineral rich teas you can buy to keep the levels up throughout the month. But also eating foods such as seed, nuts, avocado and leafy greens can help you boost your levels while keeping the rest of your body healthy and happy.

Have regular orgasms! 

Yes, you read that right. Orgasms release a whole host of hormones throughout your body, causing you to feel less stressed, cleansed and happy.

Go outside 

Exercising outside has two benefits- you get a good dose of vitamin D which reduces menstrual cramps, and you’ll feel great being outside moving around.

Treat yourself to a monthly hot/cold sitz bath

A sitz bath include setting up two basins, one with very cold water and one with warm water plus a sitz infusion blend. Lower yourself into the warm basin and sit for 5 minutes. Then move to the cold basin for 3 minutes. Alternate these 4 times. It reduces congestion in your pelvis and invigorates your reproductive system.

Treat menstrual cramps naturally 

If you always experience painful cramps during your menstrual cycle, it may be a good idea to try some natural remedies:
  • Avoid cold drinks as these can aggravate cramps, stick to lots of herbal infusions to warm you inside-out and soothe the body.  
  • Use a hot footbath to stimulate circulation and help to relax the body 
  • Use a ginger poultice on your womb.

How To Do A Digital Detox & Why You Should!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Way back in October last year, I posted about how I'd survived a 'Digital Detox'. This was recently stumbled onto by BBC Radio 5, and I did a small piece on radio about digital detoxes - today I'm expanding on things, and giving you a few pointers on how to take one.

Think about everything you do day to day. How many times do you pick up something like a phone, or laptop to do that? How many times do you press the action button on your phone to check your notifications? How many hours do you lose laid in bed, watching Twitter scroll by? Or are you like me, a serial fiddler when it comes to waiting rooms.. My phone has become a comfort for me at times when I'm anxious or feeling worried. Even having it in my hand is enough sometimes to make me feel more at ease.

Step One: Find Your Balance

A Digital Detox is a huge personal thing. What works for one person might not work for another, and you really need to keep that in mind. When I first began detoxing, I tried a week and it was way too much.. I felt isolated, alone and anxious. So my balance is taking one weekend a month where I'm completely offline. It doesn't sound like much, but 48 hours without feeling pressured to check my notifications or e-mails works wonders.

Step Two: Make it Manageable

If you have to start slowly, do it. Quit one app at a time if you have to - as I mentioned previously, jumping in head first can be a really scary prospect so try make sure you have your own interests in mind. Undertaking a detox then failing won't do your well being any good at all.
Some people choose to delete applications from their phone completely, some move them to a restricted folder. I don't work well with either of those methods, and tend to just leave my phone upstairs instead of in my bag when we go out, but everyone has different methods.


Step Three: Give Yourself A Break

Make a checklist of things you need to do, the day before your detox. I find posting about it the day before gives me that extra kick up the bottom to stick to it. Here are my tips for that day before preparation:
- Put your out of office e-mail on
- Prepare your social media if you feel you have to - I have an instagram graphic (below) that I use to signal my offline status so people know why I'm offline!
- Schedule your social media if that's relevant to you - as a blogger I tend to schedule a lot, so having a few automated tweets going out when I'm 'afk' is important. I recommend Buffer for this.

Step Four: Lets Do This!

Okay, so its the morning of your detox and you already have the pains to check your twitter feed. Make yourself busy - go have a cup of tea, pick up a book, spend time with your loved one. If I'm going out for the day, I put my attention into taking photographs and enjoying myself - it makes me feel as if I'm preparing for those first days back online when I do, which makes it a little less daunting. Tell your friends what you're doing, go out to the pub, walk the dog.. The possibilities are endless as you aren't tethered to that technology.


Step Five: The Aftermath

Okay, so its the 'online' day.
How do you feel?
If you didn't stick out the full time you set yourself - well done! You still attempted it, and that really is the first step, and you can build on that. Knowing your limits is important during this kind of undertaking, and now you know.
Reflect on the time you did spend offline, and think about how you used that time positively - or how you could use it positively next time.
This is a good time to think about the applications or functions you do use your phone for - after all, we don't use phones for simply calling or texting anymore. We use them as food diaries/calorie counters, pedometers, trackers, social media hubs, cameras, video players... I found after losing my tech for a few days I was able to snip down my social media apps, and I was able to reduce the things I did use my phone for.


Will You Give The Digital Detox A Try?

Let me know if you do - I'd love to hear how you did!

I Found Out I Was Pregnant... And I Became Unemployable

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A controversial post today. Not one meant to aggravate the hornets nest by any means, but one that I need to write and one that I feel needs to be read. Obviously I'll be keeping names and such confidential - this is about my situation, not the people in it whom I care about and respect, such as my colleagues.

In May this year, I discovered I was pregnant.

I was terrified, excited, feeling sick and elated - all at once. But I had a somewhat steady job, each year we'd go through interviews and sign on for another year - it was common practice, and while stressful I didn't foresee any issues. I spoke to my bosses as soon as I knew, because I thought it was the right thing to do. They told me to keep things quiet, until I reached the 12 week mark and work carried on as usual. I couldn't keep it quiet, I admit - who possibly could?

Time came around for the interviews - I hate interviews and while I don't usually perform at my best, I do okay and I'd gotten through a really tough shortlisting round which some hadn't. Usually shortlisting was a scenario you'd have to write about, this time it was three tests - reading, writing and mathematics - it was a huge surprise as we hadn't expected that. A week I was waiting.. A week of working extra hours, walking in incredible heat and then I got told I hadn't got the contract as I left for a weeks holiday.

Devastation was the only word at that point that could explain how I was feeling. So I hadn't gotten the job, I was pregnant, I had just begun the process to move to a new home - that was swiftly cancelled - and I now faced a month or so working knowing I wouldn't be there to pick up my loose ends afterwards. I did find out at this point, that a colleague (who I'm happy for - please don't think I'm not!) who didn't get through the terrible shortlisting task was offered a permanent contract. It was a definite kick to the face, and I felt my self esteem and self worth plummet to the ground.

When I tried to be honest about how I was feeling about my situation, or when the stress began to show through the fa├žade I was fighting to keep up.. I was labelled bitter, selfish and that I should be happy for my colleagues. I closed myself off at that point. I didn't want to be seen as that person, but inside my own head I was frantic - how would I pay the rent? How would I make my appointments without having the money to do so? How could I afford to have a baby now?

All the rational (and irrational) scenarios played out in my mind. I knew I couldn't do anything that would jeopardise my child - I believe every person who conceives a child has that choice but it wasn't for me. I knew that little bundle of cells in my womb was there to stay, and that I'd fight tooth and nail to give it (now him) the life he deserved to have.

To refocus myself I sat down, updated my CV and began e-mailing.

I began applying at similar jobs, jobs I was qualified for and job I knew I had the experience to cover - from my own specialisation with Autism to retail, to reception administration.. I declared each time I was pregnant because I feel that really is the right thing to do. I had three interviews - they went well, and I had the disappointing 'sorry...' call after a few days. Other than that, not even a response. Not even an e-mail to say they'd looked me over but I wasn't up to scratch.

I know I shouldn't assume the worst because of my pregnancy, but as someone who hasn't had more than three rejections previously - its hard to see past the coincidence. Every week I send off my CV or apply for jobs, and that won't change now either - but now you know why it is imperative to get people supporting the Pregnant the Screwed Campaign: March of the Mummies. My own story is pretty tolerable compared to the treatment of some women, so please support the cause.

Why It's Worth Seeking Dental Treatment Abroad

When it comes to dental health, many people don’t know how to properly take care of their teeth. Late night sweet sugary and unhealthy snacks, forgetting about brushing your teeth after a delicious meal, using an old toothbrush or running out of minty fresh tooth paste are definitely not going to help you protect your teeth from little, green monsters.. Nor is drinking fizzy drinks - more of a personal note to myself!
In many countries the costs of dental implant treatment is high, with prices for a single implant beginning at €2,000. In the UK, needing the dentist is something that can make a persons blood run cold - at up to £80 a visit, we just can't afford it! Sometimes the insurance doesn’t cover the treatment and people who want to improve their dental health must look for alternatives. They are trying to solve a problem, looking for help or seek advice - that’s when they use something familiar to get an answer!
The Internet is a magical place for everyone, especially for those with a medical problem. Many questions, answers and medical forums discuss dental treatment abroad, its pros and cons, and guidance about how to go ahead and do it. Have you also thought about traveling for your treatment abroad, to countries in Europe? For example, Poland that offer high quality and cheap dental procedures - if you are wondering and asking why you should travel abroad for dental implant treatment, here are few reasons:  

Firstly, the cost of dental implant treatment in Poland is lower and more affordable, but the quality stays high and excellent, with a friendly environment, top notch treatment services, affable and helpful staff. Dental procedures and services start from as low as 800 Euros (see the prices here).
Second, you can combine your obligatory medical visit with an exciting holiday in cities, for example, like Cracow. There you can see Wawel Castle – a medieval royal castle complex, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Ojcow National Park – a nature reserve with mountains and caves, and close-by Ogrodzieniec Castle – medieval castle ruins. You can also taste regional, traditional food and drinks or go shopping in big shopping centres.
Third, Polish dentists usually explain everything carefully before the treatment, introduce and take the patient on a tour of a clinic, show the equipment and dental material that is going to be used. You might also expected to be shown before and after photos of dental treatment of other patients. Polish dentists and oral surgeons also answer all questions patiently, make sure a patient understands everything and ask them about their interests, lifestyle, eating habits and hobbies.
In conclusion, Poland is an excellent place to visit a dentist during your vacations for affordable dental treatment. You can save up tp 70% on your dental bills while at the same time enjoy eating national food, visiting amazing places and not worry about leaving your horrible toothache without proper care.

3 Things People With Disabilities Want You To Know

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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It’s a sad reality of the world, but it’s true: people with disabilities often experience hate crime. This might seem like an absurd notion to most of us, but it’s nevertheless an experience that many with disabilities are forced to confront. The vast majority of these hate crimes find their root in ignorance; a lack of understanding from the non-disabled populace about what it’s like to experience life with a disability.

Myself - my mother is a wheelchair user, and it's something I've come to terms with over the years as she herself has. It wasn't something I was appreciative of as a child (a bratty, snotty child at that) but seeing her blossom into the woman she is today is something I really find comfort in.

In an effort to challenge that, here are a few of the basic facts that people with disabilities wish were more well known…

Wheelchairs ≠ Being Unable To Walk/Stand - Every so often, someone will post to social media, furious that someone in a wheelchair has been caught on camera standing up. This most commonly happens at sporting events, where wheelchair users are afforded special seating arrangements. The implication is simple; if the person can stand, then they don’t need a wheelchair. This just isn’t true. Wheelchairs are not for the reserve of those who cannot walk at all. They’re used by people who can’t walk long distances, who tire easily, who can only stand or walk for a small amount of time before experiencing pain. If someone uses a wheelchair for these reasons, sure, they can stand up for awhile-- but that doesn’t make their need of a wheelchair any less legitimate.

A Disability Does Not Make You A “Scrounger” - The press love to inflame the idea that people with disabilities are faking it and thus are scrounging off the state. This isn’t the case. Firstly, if someone is deemed to need financial help as they cannot work, then that should be the end of the matter. The tests for disability benefits are rigorous, and the fraud rate is only 0.5%. Furthermore, many people with disabilities work just the same as anyone else. In fact, the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can be claimed regardless of income; it’s to help with the further costs of disability, not to replace income. People can work, claim PIP, take out disabled life assurance, pay their bills, have hopes and dreams and fears, and otherwise live a life that most non-disabled people would recognise. PIP is not means-tested, so it’d be wonderful if the media could accept this and cease conflating it with Employment Support Allowance (ESA), which is means-tested.

Good Days Exist - If a person is living with a disability, then many non-disabled people assume they must always be at their worst. This is not the case. Like almost anything else to do with the human condition, there are good days and bad days. People with disabilities will have days when they can barely move, and others when they’re able to go out and enjoy themselves. If you meet someone who seems totally healthy, don’t assume they don’t have a disability; they might just be having a good day.

Understanding of life with disabilities needs to increase greatly in the UK. Hopefully, after reading through the above, you will be better off for the information provided.

Become An Expert At Dealing With Disaster

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It would be wonderful to be able to say that life is always great. That we live in a perfect world where nothing ever goes wrong, and everyone is always happy. Sadly, that's just not the world that we live in and, whether you like it or not, you're almost certainly going to find yourself dealing with some kind of disaster and one point in your life or another. The issue is that a lot of people simply don't know how to handle a disaster when it comes along, whether it's sudden unemployment, a bereavement, financial difficulty, or an accident. Because of that they buckle under the pressure and end up making the whole situation worse. In order to help you get through it as easily as possible, here are a few simple tips for dealing with disaster.

 Get organised - When disaster strikes, your first instinct can often be to hide your head in the sand and hope that it just goes away. However, the truth is that if you want something dealt with, then you often have to do it yourself. Make sure that you deal with any necessary paperwork, that you make the tough phone calls to tradespeople, funeral homes, or potential new employers. These things certainly aren't always easy, but getting them out of the way as soon as possible will allow you to focus on other things without them hanging over your head all of the time..

Don't wallow - wallowing can feel good a lot of the time when you're under a great deal of stress or pressure. However, doing so almost always makes things worse in the long run. Sure, it's okay to feel stressed or sad or worried, but that doesn't mean that you can just hide away from your responsibilities and stop acting like a productive human being. There's a big difference between sadness and self-pity. Self-pity is often little more than self-indulgence that doesn’t do anyone any good and often just makes things worse. 

Keep active - one of the very best ways to make sure that you're not falling into the trap of wallowing and avoiding your responsibilities is to make sure that you're always keeping as active as possible. Make sure that you're doing things and distracting yourself so that you don't fall into the trap of wallowing. Of course, this doesn't mean that you should ignore your feelings or try and repress them, it just means that attempting to continue functioning as a normal person while you're facing difficulties can be one of the best ways to prevent whatever problem you're dealing with from dragging you down. 

 Of course, none of this is to say that it will suddenly become incredibly easy to deal with any kind of disaster that might come your way. A lot of the time there are things that you just have to endure. However, by following this advice, you can prevent yourself from sinking further into disaster and make it just that little bit easier to move forward from it.

Why You Should Be Marching With The Mummies On October 31st

Monday, October 16, 2017

On October 31st, something huge is happening nationwide. At 12pm in London, Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester women from all around the country are joining together to make their voices heard.


Because they want better recognition, respected and change for working mothers, expectant mothers, and families.
Women are gathering together to fight against the current legislation in place around working mothers and pregnancy during employment - dressed as Mummies as hey.. It's Halloween right? Children and families are welcome at the events, as there will be music and entertainment there too but the important reason people are gathering shouldn't be forgotten.

The Demands:

(1) To increase the time limit to raise a tribunal claim from 3 months to (at least) 6 months.
(2) Require companies to report on how many flexible working requests are made and how many are granted.
(3) Give both parents access to 6 weeks parental leave paid at 90% of salary.
(4) Give the self-employed access to statutory shared parental pay.
(5) Subsidise childcare from 6 months old, rather than 3 years.
These are all obvious, I'd like to think. I've shared my own employment crisis recently as I felt I should be putting my own voice behind this campaign - but each and every demand listed above directly impacts on my situation. I think a woman has to be incredibly brave sharing her story about being discriminated against during employment, not just because she's faced a situation where her world has potentially fallen apart.. But because of the underlying threat to relationships with those she worked with, the anxiety of 'outing' herself and of course - what repercussions speaking out will have on her and her family.
Reading the experiences of others has helped me with my own journey, and I urge you to do the same - you have nothing to be ashamed of, and the support network out there is magnificent (you can read a lot of relevant case studies, and get in touch with mentors for support and guidance via the Pregnant then Screwed website).

Why is this so important?

Because despite it being 2017, women are getting pushed out of employment for getting pregnant. Because women are discriminated against for being a working mother. The statistics are horrifying.
54,000 women have found themselves unemployed because of pregnancy - that means 54,000 women (and their partners, and their families) are kept up at night worrying about supporting the child currently growing inside of them. Of those 54,000 women, some are tenacious and go to job interview after job interview fighting for the right to work for their family - only to walk away empty handed each and every time.
The discrimination is real, and it doesn't stop after giving birth either. 77% of working mothers have been treated negatively because of the family they've helped create - a number that has almost doubled in recent years.
Even if she chooses not to have a child, she faces an uphill struggle. 40% of employers admit that they'd hire someone else over a women of childbearing age.

Please. Help us make our voices heard.

You can register for the marches through the links below
London - 12pm, October 31st 2017
Starting point: North Terrace, Trafalgar Square
Manchester - 12pm, October 31st 2017
Starting point: Central Library
Newcastle - 12pm, October 31st 2017
Starting point: Civic Centre
Belfast - 12pm, October 31st 2017
Starting point: The Town Hall
Cardiff - 12pm, October 31st 2017
Starting point: The Anuerin Beavan Statue
Glasgow - 12pm, October 31st 2017
Starting point: Glasgow Green

Taking The Stress Out Of Starting Over Once Again

Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Sometimes in life, things go wrong, and when that happens, it means starting over once again. The chances are that if you have been happily living where you are now for a long(ish) period of time, the concept of starting over is a daunting one. It isn’t always easy starting again, especially when it is as a result of a heartbreak.
However, the fact is that if starting again doesn’t have to be overly stressful. If you are smart about how you go about things, then you can ensure that starting again isn’t as stressful as it could be. Of course, there will be some stress that comes with starting again, but it doesn’t have to be a seriously stressful and upsetting experience, it’s all about how you manage it.
To make the process of starting over again a little easier, take note of the tips and advice below.

Share how you are feeling - w hen things have gone wrong, whether it’s in your relationship or at work, it can be incredibly upsetting. Instead of bottling up how you are feeling, it’s important to take the time to share your emotions. You may not want to unload how you are feeling on anyone else, but the fact is that if you want to get past this with as little stress as possible, it’s worth taking the time to share how you are feeling - you will feel better for it. Whether you talk to a relative, friend, or a therapist, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you share how you are feeling, and don’t keep it all inside. By doing this, you will make it easier for yourself to let go and move on.
Simplify the moving process- moving out of your home and into a new one, for whatever reason, is never easy, that’s why simplifying the process is so important. Moving house can be incredibly stressful, but the fact is that it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to find hacks for simplifying the moving process, there is no need for it to be stressful. For instance, working with a professional removalist service can be a great start. You could also opt to use a house packing service - this might be a little pricey, but if it makes the transition from your old home to your new one smoother, then it’s worth it.
Look to the future - one of the best things that you can do when it comes to moving on and starting again is look to the future. If you want to ensure that your new life is going to be a success, it is vital that you look forward to it. Starting afresh isn’t always easy, but if you take the time to get excited about what is to come, then it can make moving on that little bit easier. Think about all of the great things the future will bring, and focus on them, rather than on the downside of having to start again, such as leaving the life behind that you have built.
The fact is that starting over once again is not always an easy task or an enjoyable one for that matter. However, by taking note of the tips above, you can ensure that moving on is not as stressful or as upsetting as it could be.

Fly to the Canary Islands for a Family Holiday

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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Winter is often the time when people decide to go skiing for their holiday, either during the Christmas break or at half-term in February. Not all families are keen on the idea of holidaying in the snow, though. If you prefer to be a bit warmer, there are some great winter sun destinations to try instead. The Canary Islands offer beautiful, balmy weather, and you can find some affordable family deals too. If you're thinking of taking a trip this winter, there are many ways to create some family fun. Here's how you can create the perfect holiday.

Choose Your Island - First, you need to decide which island you're interested in. Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are some of the most popular islands. These are best for finding a family-friendly resort or hotel and plenty of things to do. You might also want to consider La Palma for some stunning beauty, or La Gomera if you want somewhere that's a little less popular but no less enjoyable. It depends on what type of holiday you're looking for and whether you want to be entertained or make your own entertainment.
Pick the Right Accommodation - The right accommodation is always important for a family holiday. You need somewhere that caters to your needs or else a private property where you can get all you need yourself. If you're going on a family trip, there are some great all inclusive hotels in Fuerteventura, Tenerife, and beyond. An all-inclusive deal is often best if you're trying to budget because you won't need to spend much extra once you arrive. You might also want to consider some boutique or luxury options if you've got a bit more cash to spare. If you're more of an independent family, you can find some perfect villas and apartments.

Enjoy Family Activities - If you're on a family holiday, you have to find some fun things for the family to do together. Some families might enjoy loosely exploring the area, perhaps going on a walk or bike ride. But others prefer to have set activities to enjoy. Fortunately, the most popular islands have plenty of attractions. There are theme parks in Tenerife and Baku Water Park on Fuerteventura. In Gran Canaria, you can enjoy the science museum, and Lanzarote's Timanfaya national park is pretty cool too.

Send the Kids to Have Fun - Sometimes, you want a break from the kids. Even though you do want to spend time as a family too, you'd quite like to get in some adult activities during your holiday. If you choose the right place to stay, you can access kids clubs and activities, so you can send them off to have fun on their own. Some places will have programmes for teenagers as well. You can even hire a nanny or babysitter if you need one.

The Canary Islands offer plenty for any family to enjoy. No matter which island you pick, you're sure to have a fantastic time at any time of the year.

Is It Time You Slowed Down To Take Care Of Your Health?

Monday, October 09, 2017

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Nobody likes to admit they’re getting older, but there comes a point where you’re not as young as you used to be. All that time spent running around, ticking off an endless tasks can start to take its toll, especially with a family to look after too. All that time spent focusing on others’ needs could stop you from taking care of yourself, putting you at risk of burning out or other health problems. Ask yourself the following questions and see if it’s time you started focusing on you and your health.

Are you tired all the time? People joke that parents get little time to sleep, and while you can nod along and laugh - this shouldn’t be the case. A lack of sleep can be bad for your health, as well as making you less responsive or alert - things you definitely need to be around children. There are plenty of warning signs to tell you that you’re sleep deprived, so if you think you could do with some more sleep at night - find ways to make sure you get what your body needs to function as it should.
Are you eating an unhealthy diet? It’s easy to pick up bad eating habits, and your ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle could mean your attitude to food is on-the-go too. ‘Not having time to eat’ is a common but poor excuse that can see you snacking on unhealthy food or craving junk instead of eating a balanced diet. If you lack energy, feel sluggish, and your immunity is poor - you should analyse your diet and see if it can be improved. Of course, there are plenty of health myths you should ignore, but it doesn’t hurt to try and eat a healthier diet. Taking some time at the beginning of the week to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead will help you manage your time better as well as make sure you eat healthier.
Are you putting of medical appointments and checks? When you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm, keeping up necessary appointments can be the first thing to slip. If you’ve been putting off that doctor’s appointment or booking a session with a local chiropractor to sort your niggling back pain, you could be doing unnecessary damage to yourself that will only get worse if you leave it. Take some time now and then, even if it means taking leave, to sort all of your life admin and take care of your health.
Are you stressed or feeling anxious? You might think that being busy and productive is a badge of honor, but it could be damaging your health. The warning signs of stress can be subtle, but if you think things are getting too stressful then it’s time to address it. Taking a step back, or going on a much-needed holiday can help you recharge and reassess your priorities. If you can’t find a solution then make an appointment with your doctor - they’ll be able to provide you with the help you need to de-stress and take better care of your mental health.
Everyone wants to be a good parent, but you shouldn’t let your health suffer because of it. You can be a ‘super-mum’ without having to run yourself into the ground - so make sure you always make time for yourself. Your health is just as important as the rest of the family’s, so take steps to slow down and start taking care of you.

7 Of The Best Halloween Mocktails!

Sunday, October 08, 2017

You didn't think I'd be leaving the teetotallers and children out of my Halloween drinks, did you? I shared 7 Of The Best Halloween Cocktails yesterday, and today I'm sharing the 'mocktails' (although there are a few punches and beers in here too, sorry!).

First up is this neon purple concoction, which would be perfect as a centrepiece for any witchy get together. The Black Fruit Punchbowl is great for any occasion - not just Halloween, but I think it does have a certain element of black magic about it. What do you think?

A little bit of activated charcoal makes something as twee as lemonade into something straight from the pages of an Anne Rice novel. Black Lemonade is my new favourite thing, and I feel like I'm heading straight back to my gothic childhood when I look at it.

I haven't had the pleasure of going to the studio tour in London (although I'm biding my time, all these pregnant Thorpe Park and Alton Tower trips have to be some sort of leverage right?) but by all accounts the Butterbeer is something to be tested. So muggles like me will have to get by making our own, thankfully there are lots of recipes out there - I settled on this one!

Another punch recipe - this time for the Dragon's Blood Punchbowl. Very fitting for any Game of Thrones themed shenanigans this year, this is perfect for children and adults alike.

One of my favourites! Swamp Juice - something about the ice cream float and colour is particularly impressive for me. I can imagine gathering the children around and telling them some terrifying story as to why this Swamp Juice is on the menu... For them not to want it so I can drink it all. I do think a few jelly worms would make this even more hideous!

Another favourite - I don't think we have enough green drinks in the year round cycle, so Halloween I get to indulge.
Witches Potion! This time they have included jelly worms, and it looks fantastic. For the younger ones, maybe the lime garnish is too much - but I'm sure something could be improvised from the wide array of Halloween candies available this time of year.

Last but certainly not least is the Hocus Pocus Fizz. This can be adapted to be alcoholic if you so desire, but there is a definite fun element to this drink that appeals to the young and old alike. Along with grapes, I'd consider adding in some 'eyeballs' (lychees!) too - what about you?

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