She & Life is the internet home of Natalie, a thirty year old woman living her Yorkshire ways in the land of Merseyside. This blog is her way of documenting her life, one fantastic memory at a time - although over the years it has grown from a personal little space to somewhere that brands and companies work alongside, honesty is the best policy when it comes to blogging and I've been that way from the start! Things may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but you can rely on me 'keeping it real' no matter what.

I'm the author behind She & Life, and the face behind the YouTube channel - Natalie. My fiancĂ© Mike is the cameraman and photographer, and together we keep our memories documented on this little piece of the internet.

When I'm not blogging or vlogging, I'm working full time at a primary school as a Teaching Assistant and juggle family life with Mike and our stepchildren who are nine and thirteen. We also have a house rabbit, who started off as not-a-house-rabbit but quickly melted our hearts and became one. He owns the front room and is often grumpily settled under the sofa.

My hobbies vary from cooking, knitting and crochet to hiking, keeping fit and reading. Obviously technology and social media play a huge part in my life and I don't see that changing any time soon - the blog blossomed alongside my love of social media and I couldn't be happier with the balance we have right now.

Life offline at the moment is incredibly hectic - we moved into a new home in 2016 which meant I moved away from my comfort zone - Bradford, into a small town called Newton-le-Willows. There I've settled into a new way of life with some wonderful people around me, but 2017 promises to hold it's own brand of chaos as we tackle moving (again!) and planning our wedding. I'm also a member of the Viaduct Violets - a group of women who inspire me each month as part of the Women's Institute.
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